Alexandra’s approach to her work is sheer dedication and passion. According to her, she only paints when she manages to achieve the inner unity with the subject regardless of its scheme or ideology. The main message of her work is modern positivism in its basic form. She prefers to work with live subjects on portraits in order to catch complimentary details such as aspects of personality, which a photograph cannot relay. Her still live compositions have a definitive style indigenous to the European Old World technique saturated with realism and simplicity of figures and forms. She tends to discard the non-essential and concentrate on the formative qualities of the object. The colours tend to be bright but warm and the entire style is that of restraint. However, the restraint does not constrict but rather highlights the intense undercurrent of emotions she experiences while painting.

Today Alexandra’s art has found its way into many private collections in Germany, England, Ukraine, Russia and the United States. Her latest work is mainly done in acrylic paint with or without texturing mediums on stretched canvas, and according to her “the inspiration can come from anything, even observing a compilation of random colours”.


Alexandra Zecevic (former Kruglyak)

I was born in Kherson, Ukraine, former Soviet Union; located close to the Black Sea on the bank of Dnyper River - small place with nice warm climate, relaxed atmosphere and the most delicious juiciest fruits in the summer.
I was famous for my quiet admiration of the nature since when I was able to walk.  My mother used to leave me alone in grandmother's garden and half hour later could find my at the same spot, staring at flowers.  Both of my parents are civil engineers, both of them always loved drawing and painting.
I was named Alexandra in honor of my grandmother on father's side, who was an artist.

As early as kindergarten years I loved painting and drawing, which I don't remember, but the legend lives in my family.  I used to draw Indians and dolls for my classmates and school gazette illustrations.  I always was a member of art group called “Izostudio” at local club for kids.  Then later mom arranged private Art lessons for me with Lazar Alexandrovich Shtyrmer, well known local artist and member of respected National art association.

I graduated from University of Belarus in Vitebsk, with Bachelor/Master Diploma in Art/Fashion Design in 1995.

Since 1997 I live in the United States.


About the name:

I decided to change my name recently, because I took my husband's name.

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