Alexandra Kruglyak Zecevic

A dedicated and passionate artist, 

Alexandra has been a full-time fine art painter her entire career. 

Her abstract paintings typically begin with a particular inspiration. As a piece progresses, she follows its lead and allows it to take on a form of its own-- a form that highlights the intense undercurrent of emotions she experiences while painting. With an eye toward a balanced end result, Zecevic’s style strikes a balance between wilderness and restraint.


Kruglyak Zecevic received the equivalent of a Master’s in Fine Arts from Vitebsk Technological Institute in Belarus, 1995. Shortly after graduating she emigrated to the United States. She has been painting and selling her artwork ever since. Alexandra and her now husband, Milan Zecevic, owned and operated Mish Gallery in the Short North for a number of years in the 2000’s. Alexandra’s work is featured in private collections in Germany, England, Ukraine, Russia and the United States.